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Please carefully review our sport and club policies before registering. Let us know if anything is not covered here.

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Cancellation & Closure Policies

Cancellation Policy: 

If you no longer wish to continue with West Coast Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, cancellation must be received by email by the 1st of the month to be done by the end of that month. There is no fee to cancel. 

*If you are cancelling due to Covid concerns, our cancellation policy will be the same and require emailed notice by the 1st of the month to be done by the end of the month. 

Cancellation Before First Class: 

If you have held a spot with payment and then choose to cancel before classes start, you can receive a refund minus a $25 admin fee or leave the full credit on account. 


-Cancellations more than two weeks, refund minus $10 administration fee (to cover transaction and administration fees).

-Cancellations less than two weeks prior, 50% camp fees can be used towards fall classes.

-If our facilities are shut down due to COVID-19, members will be refunded a pro-rated portion of the fees (e.g. if cancelled with two days remaining in the camp, members will be refunded for two days).

-If our facilities remain open, we will be unable to refund fees once the camp has begun due to illness or potential illness.


-If our facilities are shut down due to COVID-19, we will immediately switch classes to Zoom for the rest of the month.

-Before the next month begins, members can decide if they would like to continue with Zoom classes or withdraw.

-Zoom classes for the following month(s) will be billed at 40% of the regular class fees. Members will be refunded a pro-rated portion of the fees (e.g. if cancelled with two weeks remain in any given month, members will be refunded 60% for two weeks of classes).

-If our facilities remain open, we will be unable to refund fees once the month of classes has begun due to illness or potential illness.

Injury/Illness Cancellation Policy:

If your child has injured themselves or suffering from a severe illness and is unable to continue in classes, we require a doctor's note to immediately remove your child from classes and a credit for the remaining classes that month will be left on your child's account for when they return. Your child will then be removed from class and placed on the waitlist and all payments cancelled. We cannot guarantee space will be available when they are ready to return. 

Class Cancellations Due to Coach Unwell/Away:

If a coach is unwell/away and a substitute coach is unavailable, we may cancel the class and provide a make-up for that class. 

Class Cancellations Due to Mother Nature:

If a class is cancelled due to Mother Nature (storm, power outage, bad weather, natural disaster, etc.), no make-up class and no refund will be provided. 

​Government Mandated Gym Closure:

If West Coast Rhythmics is required to close due to public health concerns such as Covid-19, all payments will be halted and a credit for all unused classes will be applied to your account. Credits must be used within 2 months of re-opening. 

​​​​​​​​Other Policies

Late Charges:

Late pickups of 5-15 minutes are subject to a $10 admin fee. If 15-30 minutes late for pick up, the fee is $25.  If 30-45 minutes late, the fee is $50. 


What to wear for classes?

 Recreational Classes:

Athletic attire and bare feet. Long hair MUST be tied back.

Your child needs to wear stretchy, athletic attire and bare feet or white socks or toe shoes are available for purchase; shorts and a snug t-shirt, yoga pants and a yoga top or a body suit. Loose T-shirts or dresses tend to go over their heads when upside down, exposing their tummy and making it difficult to see. Hair must be tied back in a ponytail or bun to prevent it from getting in the way. It is much easier to see what they are doing if their hair is back.

Gymnaestrada, Precompetitive and Competitive Classes:

There is a uniform for pre-competitive and competitive classes: black tight shorts, team tank top, white ankle socks and hair in a bun. Please contact us to order the team uniform. Each season there is a new team tank top for training and competition that everyone must purchase. For travelling to events and competitions, gymnasts must have black leggings and the team jacket. Check out the pro-shop to place your orders:

What are the rules of the gym?

 * Be on time (5 mins early) and help your coach with set up of carpets and apparatus.

* Please use the washroom before class starts.

* Please bring a filled waterbottle.

* Wear appropriate attire - No jeans, No drawstrings, No pockets, No skirts, No baggy clothes.

* Hair tied back or in a bun depending on your class.

* Follow the rules of the gym - taught to the kids by the coaches

* Listen to your coach and check in before you go to the bathroom or elsewhere in the gym.

* Stay with your class at all times.

* Ensure you inform your coach before you leave the gym so we can ensure you are meeting up with your parent.

* Parents please come to the door to pick up your gymnast(s).

 Can my child do a trial class first?

Yes! We offer trial classes for first time students to see if they will enjoy the class. Please create a new account on our customer portal and add your child and request a trial class in a class with space. You must let us know within 24 hours of the trial class if you want to continue in that class. If not there is no charge, if you do then the trial counts as the first class.

We do not offer trial classes in September as that is our busy season. We do have an open house during our regular class times the week of Sept 12-17th.

Is my child too young to try gymnastics?

We offer classes for kids as young as 2-3 years old. This Parent and Tot class is 30 minutes long. If your child is turning 2 in a few months and you feel they are ready to follow a structured class then you can sign up for the class and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, we can refund you your payment or leave the credit on their account for the future.

These young athletes learn to run, jump, roll, hang, bounce, play games, practice being patient and taking turns in a structured class with one of our fun coaches. Parents must be within reach of their child and help them with sharing, taking turns, and the rules of equipment use. In order to ensure that each child is properly supervised, there is a max of 1 child for each adult.

Our Sparkles class starts at age 3 and for these classes, parents will drop their child off. This allows for the young gymnasts to start to develop independence in their gymnastics! Normally parents can come into the first class to get their gymnast set up for success but we find kids have a better experience when they are with their fun coach and friends!

What is the difference between West Coast RG and the competition?

* We have experienced instructors who are continually upgrading their knowledge base through additional certification and coaching clinics.

* Insurance is purchased through BC Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation (BCRSGF).

*Gymnastics BC ensures all of our coaches have clear criminal record checks and all training up to date.

* We have a hassle-free parking at both locations near the gym entrance / exit.

* We do NOT charge for make-up classes.

* There is no fee to change to a different class.

* Our ratio of 8 students per instructor for recreational classes and 12 students per instructor for competitive classes.

* We offer beginner, Gymnaestrada, Pre-Comp and Competitive programs

* Our facilities are cleaned daily.

Are there classes for more advanced students?

Yes! Gymnasts from recreational, performance and Gymnaestrada programs can Competitive athletes are invited to competitive levels by our Head Coach and team of coaches.

How do I pay for my child's fees?

All registration and payment is done online through our iClass pro customer portal. Payments can be set up with credit card.

What happens if the class I want is full?

Early Registration for the September-June season starts early August and to guarantee a spot, we recommend registering on the first day. Registration is ongoing and all of our classes have waitlists available when you register and we will contact you when a spot comes available. It is best to waitlist your child for more than one day/time to increase the chances of getting a spot in class. We can't predict how long your child will be on a waitlist as it depends on when children in the class move or cancel. All waitlists and classes are finished at the end of June. You will need to re-register for Summer Camps and September classes.

How do I cancel classes?

For recreational programs, all cancellations are required in writing (email) by the 1st of the month to be done by the end of that month. There is no fee to cancel. If you cancel after the 1st you will be cancelled for the end of the next month.

For gymnaestrada, pre-competitive and competitive programs, this is a year long program. After the first month, the commitment is for the full year. You must put down your last month’s (June) fees at the time of registration. After the first month, you are committed for the full year.

To become a member of the gymnaestrada, pre-competitive or competitive team, it is mandatory that the gymnast commit to the entire season from September to the end of June.  Fees must be paid in regular installments regardless of injury, illness or vacations. Long term illnesses or injuries may be considered by the Head Coach, however, NO refunds or credits for fees previously paid will be issued.

If the gymnast will decide to withdraw from the pre-competitive or competitive team a written notice must be provided to the office. After payment is completed only 50% refund of the pro-rated balance will be given.  NO REFUNDS after October 31 unless a medical note is provided. The fees will be pro-rated from the date the note is received. On a medical refund $25 admin fee will be applied.